How do I find industry reports with Porter’s Five Forces?


Industry reports that cover Porter's Five Forces can be found in a few databases. I would start with IBISWorld. Search by industry, keyword, or NAICS code. The reports do not specifically mention Porter's Five Forces, but each force is addressed within the report.

1. Threat of new entrants can be found in the Competitive Landscape and Operating Conditions sections.
2. Buying power of customers can be found in the Products and Markets and Competitive Landscape sections.
3. Supplier power can be found in the Products and Markets, Major Companies, and Competitive Landscape sections.
4. Threat of substitutes can be found in the Competitive Landscape and Definition sections.
5. Industry competitors can be found in the Major Companies, Competitive Landscape, and Industry Outlook sections.

Another database to try is NetAdvantage. You can access CFRA Equity Surveys which include a section dedicated to Porter’s Five Forces. To access these reports click on the Industry Surveys tab. You can scroll through the selected surveys or use ctrl+f to search your industry.

MarketLine Reports also include a section titled "Five Force Analysis" and these reports can be found in Business Source Premier. The database homepage will have three search boxes to enter search terms. In one search box enter your industry and in another enter MarketLine. Scroll to Limit Your Results, find Publication Type, and select Industry Profile. Then select Search. You can modify your search using the left panel. If your search fails you may need to try searching broader industry terms. For example, if you search "medical devices" you may need to change your search to "health care equipment."

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