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I am currently in a social work class where we are researching a specific area of Duluth. My group is researching the Lincoln Park area. I was wondering if you knew any resources for this area?  Or the best way to find these resources? 

We are specifically looking for information regarding the economical, social, and political characteristics of Lincoln Park, and how the individuals who live there are affected. 


Here are some tips for researching a Duluth neighborhood. These examples use Lincoln Park, but you can apply these strategies to any neighborhood.

  • Census data for the neighborhood is a good place to start. It looks like Lincoln Park is in zip code 55806. You can search by zip code using - here's an overview of the 2020 census data for Lincoln Park.
  • The City of Duluth might have useful information. Browsing government sites can be difficult - if that's not working, you can try a google search like lincoln park That looks for anywhere those two words appear on a page with in the url. Some of the results are about the park, but others are about the neighborhood. The Small Area Plan jumped out to me as a possible resource.
  • Local news coverage can also be helpful. For example, you can search in the Duluth News Tribune. That link goes to a library database - it looks different from the newspaper's public site, but you won't hit paywalls.

For more information, consult the Duluth research guide.

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