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Community users are are allowed to use specific computers in the library. More information can be found on the Guest Computers page of the library website, but here are a few quick facts about the guest computers.

Community users should go to the circulation desk to apply for a guest computer card. This involves filling out an application with basic information. An ID card is not needed for the application. They will then receive a card with a code on it that is used to login to the computer. 

The designated guest computers are located in the first floor reading room past the circulation desk, and operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Community users are allowed to use the computers for two hours per day. They are required to adhere to the library's Use of Library Computers policy

Community users are able to print, however it will require the purchase of a print card for $1.00. They will then have to load the card using the cash-to-card machine, located by the bathrooms on the first floor. The machine only takes cash, and it can take up to an hour for the transaction to go through and be recognized on the card. One of the computers has a scanner available for use. 

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