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The libraries supports memberships with some publishers and publications that provide UMD-affiliated authors with a discount on author publishing fees (APCs).

Membership models and APC discounting programs may be subject to change at any time, so check the publishers' website before submitting.

Publisher/Resource Discount Details
Cogitatio Press Cogitatio Press publishes four fully open access journals. UMN-affiliated corresponding authors can publish with no charge.
PLOS Medicine and PLOS Biology Through an agreement negotiated by the Big Ten Academic Alliance, research articles with a UMN-affiliated corresponding author (or a corresponding author from another PLOS Community Action Program-member institution) will not be charged an APC. If the corresponding author is not a PLOS CAP member, UMN’s membership entitles the article to a discount. For more information, see Community Action Publishing FAQs on the PLOS website.

Through the Big Ten Academic Alliance, the University of Minnesota is participating in an agreement that waives APCs for primary research and review articles where the responsible corresponding author is from the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities, Rochester, Duluth, or Morris campuses). The agreement covers both hybrid open access (Wiley's hybrid "Online Open" journals) and fully open access journals (Wiley fully OA "Gold" journals and Hindawi titles).

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